I’m Gavin Beckett, Chief Enterprise Architect at Bristol City Council and part of LocalGov Digital – a self-organised practitioner network that does what it says on the tin 🙂

I’ve worked in Local Government for nearly 19 years, and in that time have been involved in technology strategy, open source and open standards policy, strategy and implementation (plus de-implementation…) and most recently in driving the whole of enterprise architecture efforts underpinning the transformation of local government in Bristol.

YOH_2014_UKAA_BadgesI currently have the privilege of working alongside a fantastically talented team in Bristol, spanning across business change, programme management, and increasingly we are developing a local approach to agile/iterative discovery, design and implementation of solutions driven by user needs – learning from GDS and other passionate local gov folks in the @localgovdigital network. I was honoured to win “Best use of agile in the public sector 2015” along with my colleague Tara Dillon – all credit to our teams!

Posts on this blog are my own opinions, and whilst they are informed by my experiences in Bristol City Council, and reflect on what we are doing, they are not an official representation of council policy. That said, all of us working on helping Bristol to be the best city it can be are very willing to talk openly about what we are doing, why and how – so just ask 🙂


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