3 commitments

Yesterday, at the Liferay Portal Solutions Forum in London I had the latest in a series of brilliant networking and knowledge sharing experiences that stretch back over the past couple of years. As I’ve always found when people from 3 or 4 councils have an opportunity to get together outside their normal working routine, we share a passion for doing things better and want to learn from each other.

I heard from and had conversations with folks from Poole, South Worcestershire’s shared ICT service, Camden, North Yorkshire and others. In every case there was something that we in Bristol need to learn from them, or that we could contribute to help accelerate their journey. I made the links to @localgovdigital in our conversations and suggested people get their projects onto Pipeline to help us all start to see the opportunities for real practical collaboration.

But at the end of the day after a long conversation with Francois Mounier from Camden, Sarah Jennings from Knowledge Hub and Elinor Ni Chathain from Bristol, we reflected that so often the passion for collaboration is swept away in the intensity of our day jobs, especially nowadays with so many fewer people in our teams and so many things to do. So we made some commitments to each other that we would act. Here are mine:

1) by Christmas, put all of our live and planned projects onto Pipeline
2) write and publish the three blog posts I promised to do back in August about Bristol’s approach to doing digital
3) share the materials we have developed to support the Discovery phase of digital service redesign projects on Knowledge Hub

So there you are – public commitments are usually more likely to be kept 🙂 You can check up on my progress over the next few weeks!

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